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California Duck Hunting 2018 Gray Lodge Refuge, Reports and Maps Clubs, Blind lease, Hunting Ranches

 California Duck Hunting Gray Lodge Refuge

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Gray Lodge Refuge WA  ..  Located in Butte and Sutter counties, near Gridley, 8,400 acres of which 6,000  are open to hunting.  Species are predominately mallards, pintail, wigeon, teal. Snow goose  hunting is best in mid-November through December. Refer to our Refuge hunting map  for zones to hunt.

Shoot days: Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays.   Daily quota: 400 hunters at one  time.   Steel shot: Required for ducks, geese and pheasants.   First-  come, first-served permits  required but not sold here, $20 a day.  Blinds: None, but hunters can  build their own blinds out of  cattails and tules.  Boats: Not allowed.  Dogs: Recommended.  Camping: Allowed self contained no tents. No hookups.  Lodging: Gridley, Marysville, Yuba  City.

We will start publishing weekly refuge hunting reports when season opens. 

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Access to ALL 80 Hunting Ranches and Duck Hunting Clubs  for one monthly fee

Boar hunting private lands in California has several advantages over the public areas. Chief among these are much less hunting pressure, better forage and water supplies and easier vehicle access. It's a fact of life, and if you've never got your boar, hunting on private ranches is almost a sure thing.
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